Decedents of Chileans or people born in Chile can now apply for dual citizenship in Chile without renouncing their current citizenship and may obtain a second passport in Chile along with other rights of Chilean citizens.

People born outside of Chile may obtain citizenship, if they have either a parent or grandparent that was a Chilean citizen at some point.

1.Documents proving the relationship between the person applying. If this is a grandparent, you must show the link of relationship through documenting the chain of relationship. Typically this is done through a chain of birth certificates. There are other documents that may be accepted.

2. Submit a form at the Chilean Civil Registry requesting that the person be incorporated into the Civil Registry. This can be done at Chilean Consulates around the World or in Chile in most cases.

In particularly difficult situations involving foreign documents or relatives that are not registered in the Civil registry, you may require assistance of a Chilean immigration attorney to assist with legally documenting the relationship and handling the enrollment and searches of document archives related to relatives you are basing your application for Chilean Citizenship around. Please feel free to contact us to consult with one of our Chilean Immigration Attorneys.